3 reasons to seek professional office toilet cleaning service in Singapore

As you plan to seek professional office cleaning, it is imperative not to forget about one of the most important spaces in your office, the bathroom. If we were to categorize the degree of dirt, toilet sinks would top the list as the hand wash detergent residue tend to accumulate on the surface and inside the drainage pipe.

To get a clear perspective of how dirty your toilets and sinks might be, imagine the number of times they are used and the number of employees at your premises. Even though they may not have stains, dirt tracks or clogged in the recent past, they all need a professional clean up.

Unlike other spaces such as the reception area that you can quickly notice if it is properly cleaned, the toilet hides thousands of germs and gastrointestinal viruses that could predispose your personnel to numerous health complications such as diarrhoea. For example, the toilet seat facilitates the transfer of viruses and germs that are well known to cause diarrhoea. Such health problems will affect the productivity of your employees negatively and hinder your business from achieving your goals and milestones.

Hence, it is of paramount importance to seek professional toilet cleaning services regularly to promote hygiene and safety in your office. A clean environment will undoubtedly boost the productivity of your employees as well as paint a positive image of your business to potential customers and business partners.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should hire professional cleaners in Singapore:

Thorough Cleaning of the Bathroom

Germs and viruses tend to hide in some of the most unexpected places in the bathroom. A trained personnel will be extensively trained on how to identify these places and thoroughly clean them. The sinks and surfaces will be scrubbed using advanced equipment to ensure that no dirt, germs, and viruses are left behind.

We will also go an extra mile to apply strong disinfectant on the interior surfaces and flush to be sure that all germs and viruses lurking inside go down the drain. The sinks will be scrubbed and dried to prevent any bacteria from sticking around. Concisely, every surface, faucet, and even door-knobs in the bathroom will be expertly cleaned and sanitized.

Use Safe Cleaning Reagents

We take pride in being one of the increasingly environmentally conscious cleaning companies in Singapore. We use cleaning reagents that are planet friendly and safe. You will never have to worry about the toilet surfaces being colluded by the chemicals. It is also important to note that the reagents are odourless so no foul smell will be left behind after the service. In fact, you should feel fresh when you enter the toilet after it is being cleaned.

Professional Service Standard

We have put in place working protocols that enable us to deliver top-notch office toilet cleaning services to our customers promptly. More importantly, we are flexible and our services are competitively packaged to suit your working lifestyle. Whether you own an office in Shenton way or lease workstations in one of the co-working space in Suntec city, we will be able to deliver the office cleaning within your requirements.