Conducting risk assessment

Conducting risk assessment is mandatory for all professional services in Singapore. It is a workplace safety and health framework enforced by the Ministry of Manpower to help prevent & reduce the chances of an accident. All its requirement are written in line with the Workplace Safety and Health Regulations.

As part of our duty, we will conduct a risk assessment for all cleaning work activities at the client’s workplace. Then after, we will continuously do control and monitor of work to keep accident at zero level.

How to do the risk assessment?

Our supervisor will make an appointment with you. During this meeting, he will walk through the workplace to 1. identify the hazard. Each hazard found will come with a 2. risk evaluation and 3. risk control recommendation to prevent the occurrence.

During this process, all risks identified will be communicated to all stakeholders including the client themselves. At the end, there will be a file generated that shall be kept safely between the client and us.

Who is involved?

  • You (management)
  • Supervisors
  • Cleaner on the job
  • Our contractor and suppliers

Only our trained & experienced safety consultant can conduct the risk assessment.

For more information about the risk assessment, please contact your local representative or write-in to us at