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General Servicing

$15 - $40per unit*

Clean and check air filter, front panel and cover
Check deodorising and bio-pure filter
Clean and check indoor cooling coil
Flush drainage tray
Check outdoor condenser coil refrigerant level
Clean and check evaporator
Vacuuming of drainage system
Clean and brush blower wheel
Tighten electrical and fan components
Check thermistor, swing motor, uncommon noise, water leakage problem
Test blower air flow & temperature level
Applicable for ducted, wall mounted unit
*Min 2 units


$30 - $60per unit*

Include all General Servicing work
Remove & wash water tray & blower unit
Spray chemical solution on evaporator coil without dismantle
Rinse with fresh water
Reattach water tray, blower & test roll
Applicable for wall mounted unit only

Chemical Overhual

$80 - $100per unit*

Include all Chemical Wash work
Dismantle & wash evaporator coil
Applicable for wall & ceiling mounted unit

Troubleshoot / Repair Issue

to be quoted

Check on power trip
Check Gas leakage
Top up on Gas
Check on sensor
Check on any other issue raised

Commercial / Office?

to be advised

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