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Our Sanitisation & Disinfection Service Highlights

  • Quick disinfectant
  • Reaches even remote spots
  • Effective in killing 99.5% germs
  • Safe for children
  • ~1-hour quick dry process
  • Full protection through insurance coverage
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Sanitisation & Disinfection Services at Hiremop Singapore

At Hiremop, our sanitisation & disinfection services are suitable for all residential and commercial areas, such as homes, offices, tuition centres, workshops, warehouses and gyms in Singapore.

The process of our service begins with having our cleaning experts determine the concentrate required before fogging your place with the alcohol-free disinfectant. This will enable us to cover wide areas, as well as hard-to-access spots without undergoing direct surface contact.

This fogging disinfection process is one of the most advanced methods to thoroughly and effectively eliminate both air-borne and surface-based bacteria and viruses. Moreover, it also provides a residual barrier to the surfaces, allowing for the disinfectant to continue working its effect even for days after the process. With our professional disinfection services in Singapore, you can get a peace of mind wherever you go.

Common Surface That Requires Disinfection:

● Toys
● Kitchenwares (e.g. stove)
● Door handle / knobs
● Furniture
● Wall
● Floor
● Toilet bowl / sink

*We ensure that only trained specialists will be deployed for the job at the customer site.

If our sanitisation and disinfection services are not sufficient to fulfil your hygiene needs, please feel free to reach out to us and let us help you customise a comprehensive cleaning plan to meet your specific needs. As always, our team at Hiremop Singapore is ready to understand your requirements and provide advice on how we can help you in a timely manner.

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