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Professional Mattress Cleaning Services in Singapore

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Mattress Cleaning Service Highlights

  • Removal of bedbugs that bites on your skin
  • Prolong the lifespan of the mattress
  • Effective dirt & stain extraction
  • Island-wide support
  • Full protection through insurance coverage
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Get Mattress Cleaning Assistance at Hiremop Singapore

Hiremop’s mattress cleaning services are applicable to all residential homes and childcare centres in Singapore.

At Hiremop, we utilise a hospital-grade treatment procedure that effectively destroys and thoroughly removes bacteria and harmful contaminants found in all fabric materials. The hospital-grade solution that we apply during the mattress cleaning process is not only safe, but it is also effective in disinfecting any fabric from growing bacteria, regardless of its age, size or pattern. We have also developed an extraction process, an extension of the UV germicidal sanitising methods that the medical professions all over the world, including Singapore, has been implementing for many years.

Our Mattress Cleaning Process at Hiremop Singapore

● The application of special form on the bed to disinfect all germs & bacteria
● Spot cleaning to remove stains
● Removal of dirt & germs from bed

Besides the mattress cleaning solutions listed above, if you would like to implement a more comprehensive cleaning routine to meet your hygiene requirements, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. At Hiremop, we believe in meeting your needs. Hence, you can rely on us to customise a comprehensive cleaning plan, specifically catered to you. As always, our team at Hiremop Singapore is dependably ready to understand your requisites and provide satisfactory recommendations that best suit you.

Do you know that changing your bedsheet alone is not sufficient to keep your sleeping environment free from allergens and pollutants? Your mattresses are the perfect breeding ground for millions of microscopic dust mites, bugs and bacteria. However, due to the weight of mattresses, cleaning one can be an absolute nightmare to many. Fret not, as Hiremop is here to ease the process.

Should you have other cleaning concerns, you can explore our full range of services here.


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