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Feminine Sanitary Hygiene Service

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Our Sanitary Waste Disposal Highlights

  • Modern and touchless bins
  • Disinfection and sterilized bins
  • Using of anti-bacterial agent
  • Professional clean and disposal service
  • Full protection through insurance coverage
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Feminine Sanitary Hygiene Service at Hiremop Singapore

Hiremop provides a safe and reliable sanitary waste disposal service for your feminine hygiene needs. It is suitable for all residential and commercial areas.

When it comes to the waste disposal service, our personnel will ensure that the waste bag lining is properly changed, disinfect the bin as well as remove any odour before returning to service.

This is a sensitive service which should only be done by licensed contractors specialised in feminine waste removal. At the end of each service, each bin are thoroughly cleansed, sterilised and treated with anti-bacterial solution.

*We ensure that only trained personnel will be deployed for the job at the customer site.

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